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  Ever since, the adage of Katia could be: “Everything is being created, transformed, and personified.”  With a innate attraction for the aesthetic and refinement, she has been tackling the personalisation of her universe since her childhood.

  Furthermore she is taking photos, framing, handling thread and needle in order to dress a chair at her way. She is customising her clothes as well, creating chandlers in plaster, barrettes in various fabrics and jewellery is attracting her already.

You have to innovate and create, “something never seen”.

  Everything comes from her vision of the beautiful and nothing escapes her personal touch. She knows what she likes in the jewellery field.

  Hence, it is quite natural that she is approaching “the rebooking” at Cartier International with the purpose of modernising in particular the famous line “DoubleC”.

  It is extremely important to appropriate the image of the brand, adding a touch of personality but still to reflect the image of the company. That’s the interest to work for companies with a strong personality and to learn to identify yourself as well as bringing new designs and originality.

 Aesthetic and refinement are the words and she likes that her environment corresponds to her aspirations. Curiosity and experimentation are also part of her expression.

  In fact, in order to create, you need inspiration, to have a desire to discover, and being able to transform things by spirit and hands, so that you obtain balance in the form between the emptiness and the solid, the right colour and the ideal texture.

  “I see what I enjoy in my spirit, I’m imaging he outlines, the balances of the lines and my work consists to reproduce everything on paper. It’s fascinating."

  Simultaneously to her work of freelance, Katia Willin is representing today her first ring of her collection “Lumière” symbolising her constant research of feminity and harmony in a contemporary spirit in agreement with my approach of creation.

  I offer the possibility to those who desire to choose a range of various colours, the stones which correspond to the envy of everyone.

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